(Purchases, Sales, Residential, Commercial, Refinancing, Modifications) Our attorneys are experienced in commercial or residential property purchases/sales. Additionally, we can provide counsel on privately brokered real estate transactions or property disputes. We also assist with foreclosures, leases, landlord/tenant disputes, loan modifica...
(Foreclosure, Breach of Contract, Collections, Landlord Tenant, Property Disputes, Estate Disputes) We are experienced in the broad range of civil litigation issues, some of which also fall under our other specified areas of practice including collections, foreclosures, breach of contract disputes, estate disputes, property disputes, personal...
(Ordinances, Land Use, Zoning, Code Enforcement) Moore & Rutt represents the City of Milford and Sussex County. We also offer counsel on matters relating to ordinances, code enforcement, land use, and zoning in other municipalities.
(Probate, Settling of Estate, Estate Taxes) We are prepared to handle the probate (administration) of an estate upon death. This includes the determination of assets, debt payments, payment of estate taxes, and distributing assets. We also provide counsel on probate proceedings or contesting a will.
(Commercial Leasing, Contract Agreements, Mergers/Acquisitions) Our knowledge and experience in business law includes the formation of partnership agreements, drafting contracts, leasing agreements, non-compete agreements, vendor agreements, buy-sell agreements, and mergers/acquisitions.
(Estate Planning, Living Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney) Our practice can prepare your will, allowing you to disperse the assets and property of your estate, personal possessions, and specific gifts. A will also appoint guardianship of minor children according to your wishes. A trust allows you to help shield your heirs from unwanted and ...
(Administrative Agencies, Licenses, Permits, Approvals, Social Security Disability) When your matter relates to licenses/permits or is a regulatory issue, we can correspond with the appropriate regulatory, administrative or legislative agency on your behalf.
(Covenants, Easements, Conditions & Restrictions) Homeowners Associations, once formed, are legal entities that govern and regulate a development, condominium, or planned community. We can create the covenants, bylaws, and deed restrictions. We also offer counsel to various homeowner’s associations.
(Formation/Dissolution, LLCs, Mergers, Acquisitions) We are experienced in the legal formation as well as dissolution of corporations, limited liability companies, and other legal entities. Our attorneys can also assist with joint ventures, licensing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions.