David -United Methodis Church Conference
David N. Rutt, a founding partner in Moore & Rutt, P.A., recently attended the annual meeting of the United Methodist Church Conference Chancellors in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Rutt has served as the Chancellor for the Peninsula - Delaware Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church for ten (10) years. Prior to that, he served as Delaware counsel to the Peninsula - Delaware Conference with more than twenty (20) years of representation to the church. The meeting in Atlanta combined an update of issues relating to the United Methodist Church with continuing legal education on issues universal to churches whether they are part of a denomination or independent. Among the topics on the agenda were how recent tax law amendments impacted churches, constitutional issues affecting church-state relations, sexual misconduct claims, immigration and safe sanctuary churches, local church security and issues of ownership of church property. In his practice, Mr. Rutt has provided representation to churches of several mainline denominations and to independent churches of varying sizes as they encounter legal matters unique to churches and religious organizations.